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About Us

Who we are & our experience

Our Mission:

At our clinic we aim to provide you with the relaxation you have earned after a hard day’s work. Or the relief you deserve from that recurring pain. Or the session you need to soothe your nerves. Or just because!We strive to provide you therapy tailored to your needs and achieve notable results.Every session is an opportunity that enables us to promote your overall health and well-being.


Satish Poojari - Massage Therapist

Satish is a qualified Advanced Registered Massage Therapist, a graduate of Makami College, Edmonton. His specilization is in Deep Tissue Massage and Relaxation, with over 3000 hours of massage therapy experience.

Satish is a professional Bartender with many years of experince on Cruise Lines. Interacting with happy guests who experienced world class spa and meditation on the ships, his curiousity about massage therapy turned into his passion which he has now turned into his profession. In his free time, Satish likes to try new cocktails and watch films.


Abdul Macbanding

Abdul is a professional member as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. His many years of experience with a variety of manual rehabilitation techniques and comprehensive education, involving conventional and traditional styles of treatment, combine and showcase his knowledge, skills and passion for patient improvement, comfort and well-being. Some of the techniques Abdul utilizes as part of his treatment plan are: reflexology, shiatsu therapy, iridology and more.